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Best Omelet Ever!

Posted on: June 25, 2010

A few days ago, we were searching through the kitchen trying to figure out something to eat for supper, and decided on omelets.  I love making them, but don’t always like eating them.  To me, it really depends on the fillings!  This one that I made for the man is, I still think, the best ever:

We had some leftover pepperoni from a salad night last week (I love pepperoni, I really do), and some ham that the kids have been making sandwiches with for lunch. The man picked it up at Sam’s Club, and it really tastes like ham 🙂  (I know, it’s ham, but most lunch meat doesn’t taste all that great, in my opinion)

So, I beat together some eggs, melted some butter in my egg pan (a Pampered Chef pan that I’ve had for years – one of these years, I’ll have to replace it, I don’t know what I would cook eggs in otherwise!), and added some Italian seasoning to the eggs instead of just salt and pepper.  I also had some fresh basil on hand from Common Good Farm, so I minced two leaves and threw them in there, too.

After the bottom was set, I flipped the eggs over, and layered on some mozzarella cheese, a few pieces of pepperoni, and a chopped up piece of lunch meat.  I tossed on a few more seasonings, and added about two spoons full of chopped canned tomatoes.  I covered the pan and let it sit until the cheese was melted (a great trick – I use this all the time to speed up cooking times!) and took it out and enjoyed 🙂


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