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I’ve been trying to use up most of the food in the refrigerator since we’re going on vacation next week, so this is what I came up with tonight.  I had a nice bunch of kale to use up, and I was thinking about stuffing some chicken breasts with kale and cheese, but then I saw how much kale I had 🙂

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I don’t really remember what caused me to try this one, but it was good!  I don’t really like peanut butter, but everyone else in my house does, so it was time to try a recipe with peanut butter!

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We’ve been trying to use up some zucchini lately, so I looked up a recipe online to use them up.  There are lots of zucchini bread and pancake and other grainy recipes, so if you’re interested in any of those, just do a search and you’ll find lots!  However, we don’t really do grainy things in our house anymore, so I had to sift through lots of recipes before I found this one!  (here)

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Another recipe from Dana Carpender’s book (which you can find here).  We got some shrimp and the sauce sounded delicious, so I made it 🙂

It was really simple – heat up some butter, cook the shrimp in the pan, add a little lemon juice and some white wine, and let it sit for a few minutes.

The sauce is delicious, it really adds to the shrimp – a word of advice:  have lots of napkins!

The boy decided that since the girl got to cook supper one day, he wanted to as well.  Since he’s not quite tall enough to reach the stove, I wanted to find something simple that didn’t have too much to do on the stove.  We decided that he would make Joe.

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The girl decided that she wanted to make supper at the beginning of this week.  She wanted to do it on her birthday, but we thought she had a tournament game that night, so we did it the night before.  It was nice to do it that day, because neither of us had to be at work, so we got to take it slow and enjoy cooking.

Speaking of tournaments, the girl’s team had a great year!  They won second place in their bracket 🙂

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I had cabbage to use last weekend, lots of cabbage!  We had already had the runza skillet, so I had to think of something else to make 🙂  I like coleslaw, but most of the sauces are so sugary and sweet (at least to my taste) that I don’t want to eat very much of it.  I knew if I made coleslaw, it had to be something with a light sauce.

So, I bugged the man (again) to find me a recipe.  He did!  The sauce really makes this.

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