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The Boy’s supper

Posted on: July 17, 2010

The boy decided that since the girl got to cook supper one day, he wanted to as well.  Since he’s not quite tall enough to reach the stove, I wanted to find something simple that didn’t have too much to do on the stove.  We decided that he would make Joe.

I’m not sure why it’s called Joe, but it’s a recipe in Dana Carpender’s book that we’ve been making for a while.  It’s simple and easy, and everyone likes it.

First, we started cooking some ground beef on the stovetop.  I had the boy mix together some eggs (I think it was five – all we had left) in a bowl while I put a package of frozen spinach in the microwave to thaw it.  Once the spinach was thawed, I had him squeeze out the water while the beef was almost finished browning.  Then he added the spinach to the pan and mixed it together.  After that was heated through, he added his eggs and a little garlic salt and pepper (I was out of garlic).  Then we let it sit until the eggs were cooked through and everything was all mixed together.

I think it was a winner!


2 Responses to "The Boy’s supper"

This is very cute. I love to cook with my children. His face eating Joe is priceless.

Thanks Tammy! He’s really getting into cooking lately, and I’m having a blast trying to teach him what he can do 🙂

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