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Scarborough Chicken

Posted on: August 2, 2010

This is another one made up tonight.  I’ve had Simon & Garfunkel stuck in my head all day, so when I got home and I realized I didn’t have any bacon (for my originally planned supper), I decided to use “parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme” in my recipe 🙂

So, I got together some ingredients, and pulled up Scarborough Fair on the internet because the man didn’t know the song.  (Here it is on YouTube for those of you who are interested)

I got together the chicken legs that I defrosted, an onion, some garlic, a can of diced tomatoes, and some red wine.

I also started the pan warming with some olive oil and seasoned it up with parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme and a few red pepper flakes.  Of course, there was a little salt and pepper, too!

I put the chicken in with the skin side down once the pan was hot and let it brown for about 7 minutes or so.  While that was going, I seasoned the other side and roughly chopped the onion.

When I flipped it over, I had to use tongs, those chicken legs were bigger than I thought they were!

After they flipped, I added the onion and garlic along on the side, and poured in the can of chopped tomatoes and the wine.

Then I did a little more research on the song, just for the heck of it 🙂  Wikipedia says that the herbs parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme were thought to make a love potion, and to purify the air from the smell of the plague.  Who would have thought from a few little herbs, right?

Since I didn’t want to use my oven tonight (it’s way too hot here, it was still 95 before the heat index while this was cooking!), I decided to cover the pan with another pan and create my own little “oven” on the stove top.  When I make this during the winter, I will try putting it in the oven after the first flip – that way I think the skin will stay nice and crispy.

But, since I didn’t do that, I just let it all simmer together on the stove top for about 45 minutes or so.  If I could bottle the smell and let you smell it, I would!  It smelled so delicious!  The man had a sweet potato that he wanted on the side (I’m not a big fan so I just had a salad – the onion/tomato sauce was wonderful as a dressing), so I baked it in the microwave while the chicken was simmering.  Once the temperature was up to 165, it was ready to go, and just as delicious as it smelled 🙂


2 Responses to "Scarborough Chicken"

This is really fun. I’m vacationing in the NW right now and was singing Cockles and Muscles all day – was that Simon and Garfunkel also?

I can’t find who sang that one! That’s another great song, though 🙂

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