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Posted on: August 22, 2010

I haven’t made anything new in the last week or so, but I thought I should post something so you still know I’m here.

We’ve really enjoyed going to farmer’s markets this summer.  Here’s a picture of a few of my last purchases – I put them all together and thought they were so beautiful they deserved to be looked at, so they’re on my table as a centerpiece now!

At work, they’ve started a fitness challenge with workout and nutrition tips.  I love what they’re doing – teaching the masses how to better take care of themselves.  And a challenge is always a good way to bring it out in people.  Especially where I work!

I’m hoping that people will start to enjoy food, especially the food that’s really good for you.  Sometimes it takes a challenge like this to really think about what you’re eating and where it’s coming from.  That’s another of my favorite things about farmer’s markets and CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture).  Especially the CSA’s – I know where my food comes from when we pick up the weekly box.  I’ve been to the farm (granted not very often) and pulled weeds, I know the farmers and how much they care about what they’re doing.

I also really love food.  Just in general.  🙂  I love being able to pick up a few ingredients and make a meal by hand.  A few years ago if you would have asked me how I felt about cooking, I really wouldn’t have thought much of it.  Since we’ve been trying to watch what we’re buying and eating, it’s really changed the way I look at ingredients.  It’s nice to find so many different ways to use vegetables.  So many of them can be used in so many ways!

And seasoning – how much do you really think about the seasonings you put in your food?  I never really thought about what I was putting in my food to season it, probably never used much more than salt and pepper for years.  But now, I love using all sorts of seasonings to enhance the flavor of the food we eat.  I’m still partial to Mexican flavors, but also sage, rosemary – so many different flavors!

Here is one of my favorite things about food:

Onions and peppers sauteeing together with garlic.  The smell is so amazing!  And it can be the base for so many different dishes.  I love it with eggs for breakfast, it can be italian, or it can be really anything.

I’d love to know what you think about food.  Leave a comment and let me know!


3 Responses to "Food"

I like simple, three or four-ingredient dishes. I have found that the more complicated the recipe, the more disastrous it turns out for me. On the one hand, that makes it relatively easy to come up with something fresh and healthy; on the other hand, it kind of limits our options.

Food is an excellent way to preserve family history and carry on traditions. Kids seem to enjoy special treats at certain times of the year, and the importance of symbolism seeps in without any formal lesson. It is also an excellent way to learn about the seasons and cycles of nature. I think that we are in danger of losing many positive social aspects of food as we distance ourselves from where it all originates.

And that is my essay on food. 🙂

Thanks for commenting! I love making simple dishes, too, the flavor of the food can really shine through.

I love the comment about family history and traditions, it’s so true. I know whenever I think of Christmas at Grandma’s, I always think of spaghetti 🙂 And of course, I always think of your mom’s jelly – I still think it’s the best jelly in the world!

It’s amazing also how the traditions from our spouses can influence how we eat. We have all sorts of different traditions now from Kevin’s family. Have you found that as well?

Yes, indeed. My wife is Jewish, and in that tradition food is rich with symbolism. I have learned from her that when food is part of a festival or ritual, it becomes even more valuable. And part of the fun of having our own family is creating some new traditions with seasonal food and activities that we enjoy together.

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