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My husband had two of his wisdom teeth pulled on Friday.  He was tired of smooth food that was sweet (ice cream, yogurt, smoothies, bananas) since he’s not used to that much sweetness, and he asked for some soup.  So, I looked up some recipes for soups and found a few.  I made homemade tomato soup for the man and thought, grilled cheese sandwiches would be perfect with that (and the kids were so happy)!

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I took my inspiration for this from a recipe called “confetti frittata.”  I made a few changes and here it is:

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Here was supper tonight:

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Tonight we had a mixture of old recipes and new ones – Tarragon Chicken (made with legs instead of breasts), acorn squash, and a cucumber salad.

I’ve posted Tarragon Chicken before (you can see it here).

We also had two small acorn squash that I got at the farmer’s market, so I cooked those up as well.  Cut them in half, score them (I didn’t last time, but learned my lesson this time!), add a pat of butter to each half and cook them.  I put them in a glass pan skin side down with a little water for about 12 minutes and they come out just right.  We like to sprinkle a little cinnamon on the squash, too.  The man mashes his up like potatoes 🙂

I also made a cucumber salad.  I was planning on having it for lunches, but it tasted so good I had to have some for supper, too!  I’ll post that recipe next time I make it, but if anyone wants it before then, just let me know!