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Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

Posted on: October 3, 2010

Today I made a whole chicken with veggies on the side.  We got a fall share from the CSA we participate in – Common Good Farm – and I wanted to use some of the delicious vegetables we got!  Here’s a picture of the whole share:

Beautiful, aren’t they?

Here’s the finished product for lunch today:

I started with:

a chicken (a free range chicken that I got at the farmer’s market this summer – I’ve been waiting for it to cool down enough to bake)





butternut squash

sweet potatoes

an onion

fresh sage

First I made the vegetables because I knew they would take me longer to get ready!  I chopped up the squash (isn’t it lovely?), sweet potatoes, onion and sage, and peeled the garlic cloves (I used two whole head of garlic, and saved a few cloves for the chicken).

I threw them all into a dish together with some butter like this:

And then it was ready to go.

Next, for the chicken.  I rinsed it in water and patted it dry and then I made some garlic/rosemary butter to go with it.

I don’t remember where I first heard of this, but I’ve done it with turkey, too, and I think it helps make the meat more flavorful.

I put about 2 tablespoons of butter along with some of the rosemary and the two cloves of garlic I saved from the vegetables into a dish and melt it together (or if you’re more patient than I am, you can use softened butter and mix it together).

Then I let it sit for a while so I don’t burn my hands and I rub it into the chicken, underneath the skin.

Your hands will be nice and messy after this!  I always try to scrape off what’s left of the butter and rub it onto the top of the skin – it makes for a nice brown color while it’s baking.

After that, I put the chicken into a glass casserole with the potatoes and put some more rosemary and a little lemon juice in the inside cavity.  I poured about 1/4 cup of white wine into the casserole for a basting liquid, as well.

I read on Nourished Kitchen a method for cooking the chicken at a lower temperature and then raising it at the end, so I decided to try that today.

I put everything into the oven at 325 degrees.

I let it go for half an hour and then switched everything around, rotating the dishes and directions of the dishes to try to make sure it got cooked evenly.

This is the first half hour:

You can see that the butter has melted and is starting to turn the skin a nice brown color.

Half an hour later, this is what it looked like:

I also tried to stir the vegetables more this time.  I don’t know that I would next time, though. I think that I missed the brown, almost charred color that vegetables get when they’re roasted by stirring too often today.

This is when I started to baste the chicken, too.  I didn’t want the breast meat to dry out, and at this point, the drippings from the chicken were mixing with the wine.

In another half hour, this is what I saw:

I just basted and stirred again but look at how brown that skin is getting – yum!

After two hours, I basted again, and then I turned the temperature up to 425 degrees.

I had never made a whole poultry of any kind until last year, but now I really enjoy doing it.  When the kids are inside with me, I’ll let them use the baster to help out, but today they were playing outside and picking up sticks 🙂

After another half hour, the bird was finished!  I had thought it would take longer, but I checked the temperature and it was perfect.

See that beautiful brown skin?  It was nice and crispy, and the meat on the inside was still moist and flavorful.  I think the free-range chicken tastes really good on it’s own, and some day I’d like to try one from the grocery store to compare the taste.

The kids loved those potatoes (I used the small ones that we got in our box) and they enjoyed “smashing” their potatoes.

The vegetables turned out well, too.  I’ve never been a huge fan of sweet potatoes, but I really enjoyed them in this dish – and I’ve also been enjoying eating some of the man’s when he makes them as his supper over the last week or so. I think he’s happy that he’s able to start eating some solid food again!  These vegetables were soft and perfect, they almost melted in your mouth!


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