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3-Layer Supper

Posted on: November 3, 2010

The girl told me that this dish is like breakfast, lunch and supper all in one because it was in layers 🙂

I picked up a Rachel Ray magazine the other day on my lunch break.  I used to read through those magazines all the time, but it had been a while.  I found quite a few recipes that look pretty good and that I can easily modify to our diet, but this one didn’t even need to be modified!

It’s called Roast Mushrooms and Kale over Mashed Sweet Potatoes – read on for the recipe!

I followed the recipe almost exactly on this one, just a few modifications.  The man was reading through it and kept saying that it sounds weird.  After the third time or so, I was starting to worry myself (funny how he can influence my thoughts like that, isn’t it?), but it turned out really well!


2 pounds mixed mushrooms (this would be really good with shiitake – we used 1 package of white and 1 package of baby bella)

3 cloves garlic, sliced (I used more – I love garlic!)

fresh thyme (or dried and powdered, like me!)

5 T olive oil (I just used what looked good)

sea salt and pepper

5 medium sweet potatoes (I had 4, and they were yams because there were no more sweet potatoes from the farm and the grocery store didn’t have any)

1/2 cup chicken/vegetable stock (I didn’t use this at all)

1/2 cup whole milk/half-and-half (I used heavy cream to use up the rest)

1 t paprika

hot sauce

1 1/2 cups cheddar cheese

1 pound kale

grated nutmeg

First, I peeled and cut the sweet potatoes and put them in a pot to boil.

Next, I got the mushrooms ready.  I put them in a bowl with the sliced garlic, some olive oil and the thyme and tossed them together, then laid them out on a baking sheet.

Put them in the oven at 450 for 20 minutes.

Then, the man helped me with the kale.  He took the kale off of the stem while I was working on the other parts, and then I tossed the kale with some nutmeg and olive oil and spread it out on another baking sheet.  Then I sprinkled it with salt and pepper.  By this time, there was about 11 minutes left on the mushrooms, so I put the kale in the oven, too.  Let that cook for about 10-12 minutes.

Aren’t they pretty?

While those were in the oven, I shredded the cheese (and the man ate some – he really likes cheese).

The yams were soft enough to mash, so I drained them and mashed them with the cream.  I got to use my potato masher for the first time in a really long time!  We couldn’t even find it at first, but then the man found it in a back corner in one of the cupboards.

Once the yams were mashed, I added in the cheese, a few dashes of hot sauce, and the paprika, salt and pepper.

Then the kale and mushrooms were done roasting, so I took those out of the oven.  The kale was nice and crispy on the edges – I’d never made it like that before, but I think I will again!

I decided to try to make the plates pretty for the girl (who is quite artistic) to see if I’d get a reaction, so I layered the food together.  First, I put some mashed yams on the bottom, then a few pieces of kale, and then some mushrooms over the top.

That’s when she said that it was like three meals in one because she ate them in layers. 🙂  Silly girl!


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