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Black Bean Soup

Posted on: November 20, 2010

Here’s a take on a black bean soup.

It was pretty easy to make (especially since I did it in the crockpot!), but I would recommend more seasonings than I used, it was a little blah.

First, I had the black beans soaking for two days to soften them up a while.  Then I boiled them on the stove for about an hour one night while we were eating.

I also used:

salt & pepper, cumin, cayenne, diced tomatoes, soy sauce

some garlic,


2-3 carrots

1-2 stalks of celery

all of those chopped up 🙂

I just tossed it all into the crock pot and cooked it all night long (yup, I cooked it overnight since I had just finished boiling the beans). Then I left it in the crock pot all day long and we just got to eat when we got home.

I would definitely shake more seasonings into the soup than I used.  I think the beans really soak up any seasonings you put into them, so it might be good to even overseason a bit!

It was really good, though!  We added some tobasco sauce/red pepper flakes to it, and the man and the kids also put some sour cream into it – they said it tasted like chili!

In fact, I’m going to use the leftovers in some chili this weekend 🙂


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