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Christmas Eve dinner

Posted on: January 9, 2011

This is a dish that the man says his mom used to make every year on Christmas Eve.  This year we let the kids do all the work.

Just get a package or two of biscuits, some shredded cheese, and some dried beef – combine and bake per the biscuit directions.


6 Responses to "Christmas Eve dinner"

I like your table. It has character.

Thank you – we loved it when we got it because the leaves fold down and we were living in a smaller apartment where the kitchen was also the washroom and office!

I ususally use cresent rolls instead of bisquits. But he has the rest right! I also put in a little garlic powder…

I bet it’s much better with crescent rolls! He did pretty good for just going off of his memory 🙂

I love these. We should make some with biscuits and some with crescent roll dough. I suspect the biscuit version would be more substantial.

Thanks for commenting!

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