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I read several blogs.  I love to read blogs about people’s lives, especially people who are passionate about the way they live or the way they do things.  I love to read blogs where people cook and post pictures and recipes.  My favorites are the ones where the people eat similar to the way I do.  I look at their food and drool.  (OK, maybe not always, but often enough!) And then I think, maybe I could do something like that!  Quite a few times I try and fail, but sometimes it works well.

I did not know how to cook 5 years ago when I met my husband.  OK, maybe I could cook a few things. But for the most part if you threw me in a kitchen with some random ingredients, I would have had no idea what to do.  I still sometimes feel like that girl when I read other blogs and watch other people in their kitchens – especially my mother-in-law 🙂

This recipe, though, has been talking to me for a while.  I keep looking at this recipe and thinking, “I really could do that one…really!”  And I’d come back to it again…and again.

That said, here’s the original post where I took my inspiration from:  Pretty in Primal.  She does some really cool stuff, check out the blog if you have time.

If I do say so myself, it looks pretty good 🙂

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Thanks to my friend at work who told me how to make these! Here’s another quick, easy recipe – it’s good to take to potlucks (or food days, as the case may be) or just to have around to eat.

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