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Posted on: January 28, 2012

I have been really bad about updating this blog – for any of you who actually read this, I apologize!

I don’t even have a really good excuse – except that maybe most of the food I make is already on here.  I tend to use this more for me than for anything else – I’m always looking up previous recipes to check ingredients, and so on and so forth.  Maybe I need to shake up my meal rotations and make something new!

Actually, we did get a new dish for Christmas – a Dutch oven.  I’ve been making a few recipes from the book that we got with it still trying to get used to how it works.  Maybe I’ll start making something up from that soon 🙂

Other than that, life is good.  Busy with the kids in activities – the boy is out of the house 2 nights a week for wrestling practice, and his meets are every weekend (pretty much), and the girl is involved in Destination Imagination ( which is really a pretty cool program, so we’ve been going at least once a week to those meetings, and she’s also going to do a show choir clinic in about a week.  It should be fun!

What’s new in your lives? Any new recipes I can try to mix up our food lives?


4 Responses to "January"

We recently tried something at a dinner party called scalloped corn. I had never heard of it, but later found out Z’s mom used to make it for her family when they were growing up. I really like it!

I am really interested to hear more about the Dutch oven — how you use it differently than other types of pots and what kinds of things you do with it.

I have had scalloped corn before – sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don’t…hmm. It’s a great big huge pot – and the recipe book that we got with it calls for you to layer a bunch of things in it (lots of veggies!) and then cook the whole thing at 450 degrees until it’s done. Kevin says that they used them a lot in Boy Scouts to cook in the campfire. Of course, I don’t plan on lighting a fire in my kitchen…not that it hasn’t happened before….

We’ve been using the Crockpot a lot this winter. I like how it tenderizes even the cheapest cuts of beef. That’s the stuff I grew up on (hope Mom isn’t reading this).

Melissa got me a breadmaker because I have expressed an interest in artisan baking…but I still haven’t taken it out of the box. 😛

I love using the crockpot, but for some reason I tend to use it more in the summer. Kind of weird, huh? Good luck with the bread maker – I love the smell of baking bread 🙂

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