Defeat Garden

No more recipes?

Posted on: June 26, 2012

I’ve been so horrible about updating this blog.  I blame it on the fact that I normally make the same recipes over and over.  In fact, I just made one tonight that I posted waaay back at the beginning!  So I think I may try to re-vamp the blog into more of a weekly update rather than a recipe only blog.  Although it will probably still be mostly about food.  That is mostly what I think about every week! 


4 Responses to "No more recipes?"

Whatever you write, I’ll be reading!

I’ve always been curious how you named your blog.

Well, when I first started it, I was reading through a recipe book called “The Victory Garden cookbook” or something like that. However, I am a horrible (and I mean horrible!) gardener…so my hubby was tossing out suggestions and defeatgarden was the first one that took 🙂

Ah! It’s a really interesting name that always captures my attention, but since I don’t think of you –at all!– as having a “defeatist” type of attitude, I wondered what was behind it all. 🙂

Thanks! I’m not really a defeatist type of person at all, normally…but I am absolutely horrible at growing things! I always tell my kids that it’s a good thing they’re not plants or they’d be dead by now… 🙂

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