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Temperature issues AND breakfast for dinner!

Posted on: June 28, 2012

I’m not going to complain about the temperature outside – I got that all in yesterday 🙂 My gripe today is with the temperature inside – specially at work.  I swear in the mornings it no more than 70 degrees at work.  I have a hard time with the back-and-forth when I go outside and then come in to work.  For example, this morning when I got out of hubby’s car at work, the outside temperature was about 81.  Then I walked to the office building where I work (about a block) and I walk in and am immediately cold.  It was probably 72 (and I might be being a bit generous with that estimate).

So it’s more the back-and-forth that aggravates me.  Also, I do work in a building where many of my coworkers are older women (many of them are going through the *ahem* change of life), and they all seem to be perfectly comfortable in the mornings…maybe I just need to hurry up and get to that point in my life 🙂

Speaking of coworkers – one of mine upset me today, but then I talked to the man on the way home from work and he brought a little more perspective to me.  I work in an area where people call me and yell at me a lot – it’s kind of just part of the job.  This specific coworker didn’t exactly yell at me, but I was definitely reprimanded.  The man said “why is this is any different than how you would treat people on the phone who yell at you?”  That really made me think.  This is why I love this guy 🙂

The boy is on a survival kick over the last few months – he loves the Man Vs. Wild shows with Bear Grylls.  I actually bought him Bear’s autobiography to read over vacation (yes – my 8 year old reads at that level – love that kid!) and he read a section where Bear ran up and down mountains in training.  His thing this week has been to run around the house 52 times every day “for the exercise.”  He’ll be great in football this fall 🙂

Supper tonight is homemade hashbrowns (with peppers and onions for me and the man) and eggs.  I love those – and homemade hashbrowns are very easy to make! Bake a few potatoes (the best are the yellow ones) in the microwave, then cool them off in cold water.  Grate them with the large holes of a cheese grater and fry them in some butter, salt, and pepper.  As the man says, the secret ingredient is love.  Enjoy!


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