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This may not be the most appetizing name for a dish, but it’s what my Mom called it for years when I was growing up, so that’s what I’m sticking with!

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I know I don’t normally post twice in one day (especially after such a long time!) but this recipe was too good NOT to share!  I saw this recipe in one of the blogs I read (Two Peas and Their Pod) and had to try it because I had all sorts of rhubarb in my refrigerator just waiting to be used up.

It’s really simple and turned out so delicious!!!

I didn’t take a picture of the ingredients, but it’s pretty easy:

2 apples, peeled and chopped

2-4 sticks of rhubarb, chopped

1/2 cup sugar

Put ingredients in a saucepan and simmer over low heat until they get mushy.  You can smash the pieces so they’re smaller, or leave them big, either way this is great!  It’s good warm, and just as good cold – a real winning recipe :o)

Today I made a whole chicken with veggies on the side.  We got a fall share from the CSA we participate in – Common Good Farm – and I wanted to use some of the delicious vegetables we got!  Here’s a picture of the whole share:

Beautiful, aren’t they?

Here’s the finished product for lunch today:

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We’ve been trying to use up some zucchini lately, so I looked up a recipe online to use them up.  There are lots of zucchini bread and pancake and other grainy recipes, so if you’re interested in any of those, just do a search and you’ll find lots!  However, we don’t really do grainy things in our house anymore, so I had to sift through lots of recipes before I found this one!  (here)

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I had cabbage to use last weekend, lots of cabbage!  We had already had the runza skillet, so I had to think of something else to make 🙂  I like coleslaw, but most of the sauces are so sugary and sweet (at least to my taste) that I don’t want to eat very much of it.  I knew if I made coleslaw, it had to be something with a light sauce.

So, I bugged the man (again) to find me a recipe.  He did!  The sauce really makes this.

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In case you hadn’t noticed from some of my previous posts, it’s been a little busy around our house the past few weeks with running all over trying to make it to ball games!  The man has been a HUGE help the last couple of game nights and cooked supper for us while I was running around getting the kids and getting home after work.  This one is a carry over from when we ate bread that has really adapted itself well 🙂

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A few days ago, we were searching through the kitchen trying to figure out something to eat for supper, and decided on omelets.  I love making them, but don’t always like eating them.  To me, it really depends on the fillings!  This one that I made for the man is, I still think, the best ever:

We had some leftover pepperoni from a salad night last week (I love pepperoni, I really do), and some ham that the kids have been making sandwiches with for lunch. The man picked it up at Sam’s Club, and it really tastes like ham 🙂  (I know, it’s ham, but most lunch meat doesn’t taste all that great, in my opinion)

So, I beat together some eggs, melted some butter in my egg pan (a Pampered Chef pan that I’ve had for years – one of these years, I’ll have to replace it, I don’t know what I would cook eggs in otherwise!), and added some Italian seasoning to the eggs instead of just salt and pepper.  I also had some fresh basil on hand from Common Good Farm, so I minced two leaves and threw them in there, too.

After the bottom was set, I flipped the eggs over, and layered on some mozzarella cheese, a few pieces of pepperoni, and a chopped up piece of lunch meat.  I tossed on a few more seasonings, and added about two spoons full of chopped canned tomatoes.  I covered the pan and let it sit until the cheese was melted (a great trick – I use this all the time to speed up cooking times!) and took it out and enjoyed 🙂


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