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This may not be the most appetizing name for a dish, but it’s what my Mom called it for years when I was growing up, so that’s what I’m sticking with!

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I told you I was going to make a souffle again 🙂  But of course, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly…

I used:

half a package of bacon, some onion and garlic scrapes

5 T butter

4 T flour

5 eggs, separated

nutmeg, salt and pepper

2 cups (or possibly more!) shredded cheddar cheese (but any kind would work well)

First, I cooked the bacon. When it was cooked, I took it out to drain and cooked the onion and garlic in the bacon grease.  Then I took them out of the pan and put them aside.

The boy buttered my souffle pan for me (I got it a few weeks ago and I’ve been waiting to use it!).

The girl wanted to help as well, so after I separated the eggs, I had her whisk the egg whites.  She is a whisking fiend!  She did an awesome job – you can’t even see her hand in this picture!  You can see the boy in the background helping by shredding the cheese, too.

Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees.

I melted 4 T of butter in the pan, then added the flour, one Tablespoon at a time.  It’s kind of fun to watch this part, the flour makes the  butter bubble up 🙂

After the flour and butter were combined, I added one cup of milk to the mixture and whisked it all together (with our OTHER whisk!) until it was thick.

Then take the mixture off of the heat and add ingredients in the following order:

egg yolks

a pinch of nutmeg, salt and pepper


any other add-ins you have (here is where I added my bacon and veggies)

Then, gently fold in the egg whites (which should come to a stiff peak before you fold them in…this part I didn’t do so well at – the girl had them at a stiff peak, but I was a little to vigorous in my folding 😦

But look at how beautiful her egg whites look!

Place the mixture into a souffle pan (if you don’t have one – like the first time we made souffle – you can use any other dish as well, preferably a short dish – last time I used a smallish round glass casserole and it worked out just fine!)

This is what mine looked like today.

Then place the dish into the oven and let it cook for about 50 minutes.

All of the advice I read on making a souffle said that the most important thing in making the souffle rise is that you CANNOT open the oven for the first 20 minutes.  Just don’t do it, I guess.  I didn’t think that I would have a problem with that since I normally don’t open the oven, but have you ever noticed that when somebody tells you not to do something, all of a sudden that’s the only thing you want to do?  🙂

Anyways, after NOT opening the oven for 50 minutes, this is how ours turned out today:

It’s pretty, if I do say so myself 🙂

I do think that it puffed up more the first time we made souffle, but I think I’ve figured out why, as well:

I didn’t have my oven pre-heated before everything was mixed together, so it had to sit for a few minutes.  I think the egg whites lost some of the air while the dish was just waiting.  What can I say, I wasn’t expecting help this morning 🙂

Also, be very gentle when you’re mixing the yolk/custardy part in with the whisked egg whites.  I wasn’t paying close enough attention to what I was doing today, until the girl asked me what the noise was when I was folding the mixtures together and then I realized – whoops! I wasn’t being gentle enough, so more of the air escaped than should have.  My fault!

Even though it didn’t puff up a lot this time, it still raised up, and the kids got a kick out of seeing how big it got.

I love this picture because you can see how delicious it is – there’s the “crust” on the sides/top/bottom that provides a little crunch, and you can also see how the middle is cooked through, yet slightly gooey – I love quiche this way, too 🙂

This is a dish that the man says his mom used to make every year on Christmas Eve.  This year we let the kids do all the work.

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I am really tired tonight so I’m posting random thoughts for you guys!  I got to work at my first auction for my employer today (you can find us at and I had a blast, but I’m ready for a nice nap (or just to go to sleep – I’m not used to waking up before 4 am!)  I’ve been to auctions in the past when I was younger, and even to estate auctions and such as an adult, but there is just something about the auctions with Ritchie Bros – the energy in there is amazing!

This post doesn’t include any recipes, but it is still (mostly) about food.  For me, it’s almost always about food!

My amazing husband (aka The Man) really knows how to crack me up.  He loves cheese (no really, really, really loooves cheese!) and he made the funniest comment the other day.  He called himself the Cheese Master – so I had to take a picture of the Cheese Master!

Notice the glare 🙂  Although he loves cheese  and me (although not as much as cheese, or so he says), he does not like it when I take his picture.  Poor guy 🙂  He also swears that he never eats out of pans when I bring the pan/pot to the table.  Even while he is pulling his fork or spoon away from the pot, he will continue to affirm that he would never do such a thing!

My daughter (aka The Girl) is crazy – she’s such a great kid!  She’s 9 years old (even though I don’t feel like I’m old enough for that!) and is really doing some great things.  She loves to help me out in the kitchen, and even helps me with other chores (sometimes) around the house.  She wants to start doing the laundry so she doesn’t have to do the dishes anymore…I’ve tried telling her I’m not so sure that’s a good trade, but she’s convinced laundry is way better than dishes!

I love it how she is willing to do any little thing when we cook together – she’ll chop vegetables, she’ll shred cheese, she’ll open cans, she’s excited for all of it!

Look at that beautiful smile!  I’ve been really blessed to have her in my life!

My son (aka The Boy) is the epitome of crazy!  He’s a goof ball at almost all moments of the day – but he’s also such a great kid.  One of his teachers told us once that she loved having the boy in her class because he would find a way to make her smile every day.  The boy is our fearless taster in the house.  He’ll try (almost) anything that we give him.  He one time even tried stinky cheese with the man.  The cheese was REALLY stinky, too – I couldn’t even stand to be within a few feet of it!  The boy just plugged his nose and chomped away – he said “hmm…it’s not bad if you keep your nose closed!”

The boy also likes to help in the kitchen, but at 7 years old, he’s not really tall enough to help out on the stove.  And, he’s not really calm enough to be trusted with a big knife…so, he helps with other things.  He mixes things for me often, and he also helps to shred cheese.  Or, on his favorite days, he gets to help with bacon:

Because really, do you know any kids who don’t love bacon?

Families really come together around food – we have a nightly tradition in our house that we always tell everyone else about our day at the beginning of supper.  Even if we’re eating leftovers, we have to say at least a few things.  The man likes to copy the kids “I went to school and went to recess” or just be silly “I went to work and worked on work.”  The girl likes to tell all about random things – sometimes she gets so excited about her day that we’d probably be finished eating before she is finished telling about her day if we didn’t stop her 🙂  The boy says pretty much the same thing every day “I went to school, did some stuff, went outside, had lunch, went outside, did math, came home.”  Sometimes I get to talk about fun people I’ve talked to at work, like the day I talked to a customer from Australia, or the day I called a customer in Quebec who hung up on me because I didn’t speak French.

What kid of dinner traditions do you have?  Leave a comment and let me know, I love hearing about other people’s traditions!

This is another recipe that I tried from the Rachel Ray magazine I picked up a few weeks ago.  I made it last week, and thought it could be better, so we tried it again this week!

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I know, I know, everybody knows how to make chili, right?  Well, I’m trying to post something every day (haven’t done so well at that so far!) this month, so I’m running out of new recipes!  This is the way I pretty much always make chili 🙂

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The other weekend, the girl had a volleyball clinic at school on Saturday morning.  After I took her, I came back and the man and the boy decided they wanted eggs for breakfast.

The boy wanted to help, so he pulled out his apron and we got to work.

He beat the eggs together for me so we could make the man an omelette.

He let me do the tough part with the pan, though!

Once the omelette was cooked through on one side, I flipped it over and we put in the fixin’s.  For this one, we used mozzarella cheese and pepperoni.

I let the boy put the cheese and pepperoni in, can you tell?

The man said it was the best omelette he’s ever had!


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