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We’ve been working on our garage for the last week or so.  OK, I admit it, it’s mostly been the man working on the garage.

However, I have been helping a bit.  And running all over town picking up supplies and such.  So I am helping 🙂  I even lifted (part of) a full siding box!  (I am nowhere near strong enough to lift a full one – those suckers are heavy!)

This is the best before picture I have:

And here is how it looks tonight (we’re so close to being done, I can almost…um…taste it!):

So I haven’t really been cooking much.  Although I did make a side of asparagus on Wednesday evening that my Dad (who was helping with said garage) was pretty impressed with.  I thought that was funny, because I was just being lazy with it…just an onion sauteed in butter with chopped up asparagus.

I am going to try a new asparagus recipe this week, though.  I was at Trader Joe’s and saw a mixture of asparagus, red onion, and mushrooms.  I was going to buy it, but then realized that I could probably get twice a much for the same price if I just bought the ingredients and made it myself.  And besides, I’m kind of getting tired of takeout.  So I’m going to make that some night this week.  Then I’ll try to post it on here!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a picture of the girl’s breakfast earlier this week.  She said it was too pretty not to take a picture of:

Classic peanut butter and banana tortilla roll-up – with a 10-year-old twist 🙂



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